A small little Oldtimer, like a horseless carriage, is half covered by a SUV

The future is light

As tall as an SUV, a feeling of freedom like in a roadster, and enough space for the entire family. The new Belotti Visione thinks not only of you but of your environment as well.

“Through reducing the vehicle’s mass we have achieved ten times the efficiency of a Tesla. Astonishing that until now no other manufacturer has found this solution.”

Luca Belotti, CEO Belotti Motors

Be extraordinary

Today, a car has to be more than just a means for transportation. The Belotti Visione confirms your lifestyle wishes and will acquire you more looks than the Ferrari you always dreamed of.

A man in black with a bowler descends from a small oldtimer
A man in black with a bowler sits on an oldtimer and enjoys driving

Feel the road

In order to enjoy driving you don’t need much energy. The Belotti Visione not only connects you to the road again but also to your surroundings. The street belongs to you – but not to you alone.

Be progressive

Looking back may help to get a clear view of what lies ahead. For us at Belotti Motors, two-ton vehicles are no progress, no matter if they’re powered by gasoline or electricity. We look back and think the car anew.

The man in black sits on the oldtimer and is looking backwards
The small horseless carriage is now a pickup and the child seat is on the ground

Stay flexible

Within a mere five minutes, the Belotti Visione transforms from family car into what may be the smallest pick-up in the world. With its standard 26-inch rims it prevails unrivaled.

Be fair

We think that our decisions – also the decision to buy a car – are a concern which extends beyond ourselves. Bearing this in mind, we designed the Belotti Visione to provide you with individual mobility without becoming a danger to others.

View from the back to a family with one child sitting on the horseless carriage
The horseless carriage in a parking lot between to big cars

The future is light

For us, the most significant index for a modern car is the VHI – the Vehicle-Human-Index. How much mass is needed to transport a person? With a VHI of 1.125 the Belotti Visione sets a new benchmark.


Dimensions L x B x H 208 x 100 x 116 cm
Empty weight 90 kg
Power 0,68 PS (0,5 kW)
Speed 20 km/h
Range 30 km (up to 500 km possible)
Boot capacity 45 l
Cargo area L x B 62 x 70 cm + shopping bag in the leg room
Seats 2 adults + 2 children
VHI* 1,125

*The Vehicle-Human-Index (weight of vehicle / human) is a specific number indicating how much mass is needed to transport a person. Ask other manufacturers for this value. Calculations are based on 80 kg, the average weight of a German person.

The horseless carriage half blurred from a passing car

Progress or stagnation – choose your vision.

The future is light.

Luca Belotti, Belotti Motors, Basel